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  • Glenn Frisby (Sunday, October 11 15 08:42 pm EDT)

    I am glad to have met many of your members, all great,it is so good to see the growth and improvement in the carvings in such time.Goes to show carving often pays off. Great group!

  • Richard (Pete)peterson (Friday, October 09 15 08:21 pm EDT)

    To bad u r too far away I would Love to meet fellow carvers,it seems that I haven't meet a unkind carver ,it's great

  • Sandy smith (Friday, October 09 15 04:52 pm EDT)

    Great looking webpage.Do you by anychance have and patches....I would love to purchase one..all I seen was the tees hurts which are very nice too....My name is Sandy Smith....I have met some of you
    in Evart...I am the vice president of the Arenac Bay up the carving....

  • John Roush (Friday, October 09 15 04:50 pm EDT)

    I'm a member of Sun Coast Wood Carvers in Seminole, FL. Born and raised in Ironton.
    Happy carving!

  • Kyth Banks (Sunday, September 27 15 06:31 pm EDT)

    Thanks Roy for all your instruction at Big Stone Gap. I learned a lot. I hope to see you in the future.

  • Dave Kowalka (Friday, August 14 15 05:02 pm EDT)

    Where and when do you meet and carve?

  • Nancy Watson (Wednesday, June 03 15 10:52 am EDT)

    Hi. Has anyone ever hand carved a wood burl (burr) bowl? I have recently started on a walnut one..first time, had an injury in the woods and some decay, to my surprise, I found a lead 22 bullet in working on it in my spare time. Thanks

  • David Paddick (Sunday, April 26 15 11:41 pm EDT)

    I am interested in the upcoming carving weekend.

  • Monica Rice (Thursday, November 20 14 09:36 pm EST)

    I love your site and I hope to attend a meeting soon.I would love to try wood carving.

  • John Roush (Friday, September 26 14 01:07 pm EDT)

    A shoutout from a wood carver in Seminole Fl. I am originally from Ironton. Graduated from IHS in 1952. I really like your site. I am a member of the Suncoast Wood Carvers Club based in Seminole.

  • Gary & Marie Crosby (Friday, July 11 14 04:57 pm EDT)

    Nice Page, along with some very nice carvings.

  • John Doherty (Monday, June 16 14 03:04 pm EDT)

    Gina and Allen, I just wanted to say it was a great pleasure carving with you two at the Evart Roundup! It was a awesome spending time with you your new Friend John!

  • Peter Miller (Sunday, March 16 14 11:14 am EDT)

    Just checking out other websites from our area. Maybe both clubs could meet someday to visit and exchange ideas.

  • Perry A. Reynolds (Friday, March 14 14 09:57 am EDT)

    Nice Wood Carving Group… A carving group is an excellent avenue for wood carvers of all skill level to share. I wish there was one close to me for my students to join. I have told them to form one
    but I don't think they have anyone willing to commit the time… Good Job Everyone!

  • Ken baker (Friday, February 28 14 10:58 am EST)

    Hello. Tulsa ok

  • David Tidwell (Monday, February 24 14 10:51 am EST)

    Haven't been on in a while but sure have missed it. Great to see all the wonderful carvings and catch up on what's been going on

  • Mary Meisel (Friday, February 14 14 10:05 am EST)

    First year retired and I have a small bag of projects started over the years, unfinished. One is a houndog and a couple more angles on the one featured in your member projects would be helpful! I've
    bookmarked your page -- so glad to see a resource I don't have to travel to access.

  • Ken baker (Friday, January 17 14 11:09 am EST)

    Hello I start carving on the early 90s. I try to pickup a knife 2 or 3 time each week.

  • Jessie James Mckinney (Monday, January 13 14 02:06 pm EST)

    love the website thinking about getting in to carving and i love the carvings yall have done

  • Dayle Lewis (Friday, January 10 14 04:54 pm EST)

    Good to see wht you all are doing. I saw your post on Facebook. Keep chips flying. I do hand and chainsaw carving.

  • Dickie Gage (Thursday, November 28 13 05:09 pm EST)

    Allen, visited your site as you suggested. Great site!

  • James Simpson (Friday, November 22 13 12:25 pm EST)

    Love your mission statement and all carvings are great. Need a group like you near my home.

  • Robert Allen Helt (Friday, November 22 13 11:11 am EST)


  • Barb Foster (Monday, October 07 13 07:09 pm EDT)

    neat carvings we miss you guys say hi to all from us

  • Miss Molly (Friday, October 04 13 08:54 pm EDT)

    Great Club with carvings, a few I may know. Love your guest instructors. Keep it up and make some chips fly ;).

  • James Simpson (Monday, September 23 13 09:28 pm EDT)

    Great carvings. I have been carving less than a year. Wish there was a club around, or even another carver.

  • Molly Hanna (Friday, September 13 13 09:55 am EDT)

    Great site and great carvings. Always love to see familiar faces smiling. Bless you all for your selfless giving. Proud to be a Carver!

  • Duayne King (Friday, September 06 13 09:13 pm EDT)

    Thank You, enjoyed website vist.

  • Ken Wang (Friday, August 16 13 11:49 am EDT)

    Nice work guys !!

  • James Simpson (Saturday, August 03 13 12:57 pm EDT)

    All the members work is great. I there are no carvers within 50 miles of me, so I am learning with books and youtube.

  • Ken Miller, Jr. (Friday, August 02 13 01:38 pm EDT)

    Very nice website!!!...I found it pleasant and friendly and I'm sure your members are the same!! I'm from Concord, NC and if we're ever close to Ashland I'd love to attend a meeting!!...Thanks to
    Allen for sharing your club with all us friends of the "Helvie Knife" Facebook page!! I enjoy your weekly email Sir!!!

  • roy rolfe, sr (Friday, July 19 13 12:16 pm EDT)

    I am a "woddcarver" from Michigan. Always looking for others to share our passion. I do all kinds of carving, from chain saw to walking sticks to caricature...

  • jimmy gillibrand (Thursday, July 18 13 04:30 am EDT)

    carving is fun , I miss going to my club but since it shut down I've not done a lot of carving , good luck to all you members there , I enjoyed looking at your work. jimmy from England

  • Tony Erickson (Friday, July 12 13 03:44 pm EDT)

    Nice site...enjoyed peekin' thru your windows...

  • James Simpson (Friday, July 12 13 02:29 pm EDT)

    Been carving for 6 months.

  • Ken Wang (Friday, June 28 13 04:22 pm EDT)

    Good work guys !!

  • Rich Smithson (Tuesday, June 25 13 02:40 am EDT)

    Great web site! Enjoyed looking at all the photos and projects, you have a great bunch of carvers and friends.
    Carve On
    Rich Smithson
    Helvie Knives

  • bill Briggs (Saturday, June 22 13 01:45 pm EDT)

    You have a great club sight . The carvings are very good . Keep on carving ,Bill Briggs President Suncoast Woodcarvers

  • Hubert (Saturday, June 22 13 10:11 am EDT)

    Hey Gina , This is Hubert . Tell Ray that I might be interested in that knife set for $10.00 if it has a small detail blade in it . Maybe he could bring them to Thursdays meeting & I could check
    them out if he hasn't sold them by then . Thanks

  • Steve Brown (Sunday, May 19 13 08:25 pm EDT)

    Good to see familiar faces on the first page. Allen and Gina, was good to have you in class and hope you made it home without any problems. Steve Brown

  • Ken wang (Saturday, May 11 13 01:22 am EDT)

    Nice work

  • Lori Hamilton (Monday, April 15 13 01:34 pm EDT)

    Enjoyed browsing your site!

  • Ray P (Monday, March 18 13 09:16 am EDT)

    good ob Allen i like the pics

  • Ken Wang (Friday, March 01 13 04:49 pm EST)

    Nice pieces! good way to exercising ones brain and fingers. That's how I start my woodcarving after my Retirement.
    Keep up with the good work Allen and Gena !!! and Good luck. Best Regards !

  • Jeff Pretz (Friday, February 08 13 01:59 pm EST)

    looks like a great club! you are invited to our club's
    40th Woodcarving & Wildlife Art
    March 23rd & 24th, 2013
    Saturday, l0 am to 5 pm & Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm
    at Student Memorial Center of Millersville University
    101 Shenks Ln, Millersville, PA (717) 940-3311
    Free Parking! Handicap Parking opposite show entrance!
    Festival Admission Donation: $5.00
    There will be Competition, Displays, Sales, Free Demonstrations, Door Prizes, Carving Supplies, and Food.
    Wayne Barton, Shawn Cipa, Bruce Henn, Dennis & Susan Thornton, will be FEATURED!

  • Ray Pennington (Friday, February 01 13 09:39 am EST)

    Enjoy the web site, keep up the good work.

  • howard puchalsky (Sunday, January 20 13 11:02 pm EST)

    good looking folks sit back in them chairs... and i think i just happen to know them both.

  • Dee Fair (Saturday, January 19 13 02:41 pm EST)

    Drat....I have tried to tell ya'll how much I like your site !! But I keep losing it LOL I am just beginning to carve and love the pretties ya'll made for the VA. I'm a Disabled Vet and still use my
    first cane. God Bless and hope to get to know some of ya'll...I love Kentucky blue grass ! later God Bless...dee

  • Brenda Tolliver (Wednesday, January 02 13 09:20 pm EST)

    Hi Happy New Year!!!
    Great job!! Thank you:)

  • Marsha Mathias (Friday, December 14 12 11:59 pm EST)

    Excellent site. Excellent carvings.